In order to expand satellite system capacity after the successful launch of its demonstration satellite, GHGSat started the design of two (2) additional high-resolution satellites in January 2017, called GHGSat-C1 and GHGSat-C2 respectively.  GHGSat C1/C2 are intended to have similar designs to GHGSat-D, while applying critical lessons learned to improve performance.

The design phase for two new, high-resolution satellites was completed in 2017. Changes made to the payload include:

  • Improved stray light / ghosting mitigation
  • Addition of onboard calibration features
  • Improved radiation mitigation
  • Optimized spectroscopy for primary instrument
  • Replacement of secondary instrument
  • Addition of experimental optical downlink

Overall, GHGSat expects an order-of-magnitude performance improvement from this design, within the same volume, mass and power constraints of the demonstration satellite.

Manufacturing and launch updates will be provided on GHGSat’s social media feeds through 2018/2019.