GHGSat Supports Landfill Operators with High Resolution Data

GHGSat-D observation of South AmericaGHGSat is building on its commercial capabilities with services for landfill operators. The high-resolution data from the new satellites, beginning with GHGSat-C1 or “Iris” is collecting greenhouse gas emissions data from space at a higher resolution than has ever been possible.

The results using the demonstration satellite, GHGSat-D (Claire), have shown the possibilities as highlighted in today’s European Space Agency web story.

Iris launched on 2 September and is undergoing satellite commissioning. It is expected to deliver an order of magnitude improvement on the detection threshold from methane, a major component of landfill gas. This means Iris and GHGSat’s future satellites will detect even smaller emissions sources to help landfill operators, local communities and regulators address the climate challenge and gas-to-energy opportunities.

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