Our brand new podcast

The story of a trailblazing team from Canada, on a mission to combat climate change, who are changing the way we see the world. Over the coming months, you’ll hear about high-tech and high-drama, big business and cutting-edge science. Above all, you’ll get to know a group of people pushing the envelope, fighting the odds and trying to make a difference.

Episode 1

Host Alex Milas talks to GHGSat’s Jean-Francois Gauthier about hunting greenhouse gas emissions, why a small spaceship called Iris means so much to them, and the impact of the pandemic. Also, we hear from Andrea Preve, Program Manager for the Vega VV16 mission, about life launching rockets from the equator and returning to work during a pandemic, and from Adina Gillespie, also from GHGSat, on the little-seen emotional side of the space business.