Aircraft Sensor

GHGSat Aircraft Sensor

In addition to our planned constellation of satellites, a high-resolution aircraft sensor is in the testing stage of development and will be commercially available in 2020. Aircraft monitoring, which provides much higher resolution because it is deployed significantly closer to the ground, will be offered as a complementary service to GHGSat satellite monitoring in high-risk areas or in regions with a larger density of sites.  GHGSat is the only company in the world that can offer satellite and aircraft monitoring as a single service for customers.

The instrument will be initially installed in a small fixed-wing survey airplane, with future plans for drone operations.

Aircraft Variant Instrument

Design complete – currently in manufacturing

Successful first flight of GHGSat-AV in December 2019

Same instrument concept as satellites (Fabry-Perot spectrometer optimized for CH4)

Adapted for airborne operations: 

  • Custom fore-optics with wide angular field of view
  • Stray light control including input baffle
  • Vibration isolation for airborne environment
  • Design (mass, volume) can be adapted for drone operations

Airborne Operations:

  • 120 knots
  • 10,000 ft AGL altitude
  • over 500 m swath width
  • spatial resolution < 1 m
GHGSat Aircraft Sensor