Our Platforms

GHGSat satellites orbit the earth detecting methane emissions at a 25m resolution.

GHGSat-D (“Claire”)
GHGSat’s demonstration satellite, GHGSat-D (or "Claire"), was successfully launched in June 2016 and commissioned in July 2016. 
The design of two new, high-resolution satellites (GHGSat-C1 and GHGSat-C2) was completed in 2017. GHGSat-C1 (or "Iris") launched in September 2020 and C2 is scheduled for launch in December 2020.
Aircraft Sensor
A new, very-high-resolution aircraft sensor is being developed as a complement to GHGSat's satellite sensors. The aircraft sensor will enter service in 2020.
Future Platforms
GHGSat wants to offer the best possible emissions monitoring services to its customers. We are constantly evaluating hosted payloads, complementary satellites, ground sensors and other platforms to better serve our customers.