Oil and Gas

Accurate, reliable monitoring of global assets

Oil and Gas storage facilityGHGSat provides integrated emissions monitoring solutions to accurately detect and measure methane emissions from upstream and midstream oil and gas facilities.

Our unique satellite constellation measures emissions at the facility level with a combination of high resolution and low detection threshold that is unmatched.

With a resolution of ~25m, the technology can see what no-one else can and attributes emissions down to individual wells, capturing leaks in the order of 100kg/hr in moderate wind conditions (lower in calm weather).

  • HEALTH & SAFETY – Reduce ground monitoring risks related to the environment, season, or high leak potential.
  • TIME SAVED – Frequent, year-round, accurate monitoring of assets, no matter how widely distributed, with actionable analytics for quicker response.
  • COSTS LOWERED – Through predictive risk assessment and accurate measurements, optimize LDAR activity for wells, compressor stations, pipelines and LNG terminals.
  • RESOURCES OPTIMIZED – Keep assets working and allocate personnel to value-added activities; minimise loss of product, transit between assets, maintenance, and downtime.
  • EASIER COMPLIANCE – Accurate, verifiable data keeps your business on the right side of regulations and supports environmental reporting.

Satellite Data

  • Unique proprietary shortwave infrared sensor
  • Two in orbit already with 9 more launches through 2022
  • Ubiquity, consistency, persistence and safety.

Aircraft Service

  • Same proprietary sensor as satellites
  • Safer operating altitudes of 6000’ - 10,000’
  • More coverage per day and faster completion of work


  • Unique proprietary methodologies
  • Includes our satellite and aircraft data in our predictive results
  • ESRI-based dedicated and flexible delivery platform

Podcast from GHGSat: Keeping an Eye on Oil & Gas

What are the challenges oil & gas companies are facing in emissions monitoring? In this GHGSat podcast, we welcome Nicole Downey, CEO of Earth Systems Sciences LLC and expert on emissions monitoring for the oil and gas sector. Nicole and our host Alexander Milas talk about the challenges and complexities of monitoring emissions from oil and gas operations, the key drivers for the industry to reduce emissions and the technology mix that’s evolving to support emissions monitoring.

Case Studies

Oil Sands
Oil Sands
3 August, 2017