Accurate, cost-effective monitoring of methane emissions

Coal mining accounts for about 11% of the global methane emissions generated by human activity, although recent studies put the figure higher. With operators extracting ever deeper, related emissions are set to rise, also creating energy opportunities.

As the mining sector responds to public and investor imperatives to cut greenhouse gas emissions, the need for accurate and reliable information grows. ‘Best estimates’ are not enough, and environmental efficiencies require precise data and transparency to seize energy opportunities.

With a unique fleet of high-resolution satellites, GHGSat re-wrote the rulebook on how to detect and measure emissions from industrial sites.

For regulators, access:

  • Accurate and verifiable data to support environmental reporting and industrial compliance
  • Cost-effective monitoring tools using satellite data complemented by aircraft services and analytics
  • Independent data to track investments in mitigation programmes

Mine operators can:

  • Demonstrate transparency, with accurate emissions data for every site and asset
  • Provide the data necessary to inform decisions related to Ventilation Air Methane recovery units
  • Track the effectiveness of recovery systems programmes

For Investors, evaluate:

  • Accurate, reliable, and independent reporting of environmental performance to support responsible investment

Satellite Data

  • Unique proprietary shortwave infrared sensor
  • Two in orbit already with 9 more launches through 2022
  • Ubiquity, consistency, persistence and safety.

Aircraft Service

  • Same proprietary sensor as satellites
  • Safer operating altitudes of 6000’ - 10,000’
  • More coverage per day and faster completion of work


  • Unique proprietary methodologies
  • Includes our satellite and aircraft data in our predictive results
  • ESRI-based dedicated and flexible delivery platform

Case Studies

Coal Mining: Australia Use Case
Coal Mining: Australia Use Case
1 December, 2020
in Mining