Satellite Data for Greenhouse Gas Emissions Monitoring

DATA.SAT delivers high-resolution satellite data to identify point sources of methane (CH4) emissions down to the individual facility level, globally.

Accurate detection, measurement and monitoring of greenhouse gas emissions using satellite data, supports informed decision-making, to take action on specific assets and reduce emissions.
Our satellite constellation is growing rapidly:
  • 3 in orbit
  • 8 more in 2022
This capability is unmatched and enables us to provide consistent and reliable intelligence on greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

DATA.SAT Products

Our suite of satellite data products and services can deliver unique insight over large areas with multiple assets, as well as provide measurements for larger sources, such as landfills and hydro power infrastructures, in a single observation.

Abundance Dataset

Multi-layer GEOTIFF containing per-pixel methane concentration data, including surface reflectance image.

Concentration Map

Visualization layer of methane emission overlaid on ground imagery, includes surface reflectance, column density and estimated excess foreground density (see example on the right).

Emission Rates

Cutting-edge retrieval methods to infer emission rate estimates from high-resolution concentration data.

GHGSat Data Archive

Access historical satellite data. Request a data product by time period and region for analysis and research.


  • FLEXIBLE: Different levels of subscription-based data campaigns.
  • COVERAGE: Consistent data with the same proprietary instrument for all sites worldwide.
  • SAFETY: Reduce on-site monitoring of emissions.
  • EFFICIENT: Reliable operational capability year-round.
  • RESPONSIVE: Rapidly pinpoint emission sources from ready-to-use imagery and comprehensive asset reports.
  • COMPLIANCE: Survey strategic assets globally on demand, with no deployment costs.

Our Technology

The patented Wide-Angle Fabry Perot (WAF-P) imaging spectrometer on board our satellites measures the absorption of sunlight by methane at very high spectral resolution. Our sensor provides accurate methane concentration values for over 200 000 pixels in each image.


DATA.AIR complements DATA.SAT with targeted monitoring and specific detection thresholds using the same patented sensor but adapted for aircraft.

Learn more about DATA.AIR