Airborne High-Resolution Methane Monitoring

DATA.AIR, GHGSat’s satellite technology adapted to aircraft, accurately detects and measures methane emissions to individual sources.

Our patented instrument, GHGSat-AV, can operate at different altitudes, trading spatial resolution for coverage to meet specific survey requirements.

DATA.AIR comes as a stand-alone product or complement to DATA.SAT. Data captured by the aircraft instrument is processed by our analytics, transforming imagery into actionable intelligence for operations.


  • OPERATIONAL: Responsive targeted methane emissions monitoring campaigns to evaluate asset performance, safety, and environmental impact.
  • EFFICIENCY: Optimise leak detection and repair (LDAR) campaign costs through a tiered GHGSat emission data solution that includes frequent satellite data.
  • COVERAGE: Reduce costly ground surveys by covering more quickly large geographical areas, remote facilities, and multiple sites.
  • CONTROL: Detailed, localized emissions intelligence to quickly respond to emissions.
  • COMPLIANCE: Accurate and verifiable data to support compliance and environmental reporting.

Airborne Parameters

  • Flight Altitude: up to 3,000 m (10,000 ft) above ground level (AGL)
  • Across-track Swath Width: up to 750 m swath width
  • Area Surveys: up to 385 km2/day (150 mi2/day)
  • Linear Surveys: up to 800 km per day (500 miles per day)


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  • We handle all the processing of the data to deliver comprehensive reports and observations detailing emissions.
  • DATA.AIR is currently available in North America and expanding worldwide.
  • In combination with DATA.SAT and GHGSat analytic services, operators have access to year-round asset monitoring.


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