GHGSat Unveils New
Satellite Imagery

This image was taken in In August 2018, by GHGSat’s
demonstration satellite Claire, over two years after her launch in June 2016. GHGSat detected emissions of 
methane, an important greenhouse gas, from an oil & gas facility in the Permian Basin.

Claire captures an array of over 200,000 atmospheric measurements around an industrial facility in a few seconds. These measurements are processed to produce imagery showing a “heat map” of greenhouse gas concentrations from the facility.

GHGSat is committed to making more sample data available for evaluation by qualified parties. For more details, please email

Permian Basin Methane Leak

Patented Technology:
How it Works


GHGSat satellites measure any site in the world, within days. GHGSat aircraft sensors are dispatched to high-value areas, on demand.

Data Processing

GHGSat’s technology measures the absorption of light with very high resolution in spectral bands for gases of interest

Products & services

GHGSat delivers raw measurements of gas concentrations and value-added analyses of these measurements using proprietary algorithms

New Satellites Pinpoint Greenhouse Emissions on Earth "Leaks constitute energy that could otherwise be sold. Therefore, if a company can pinpoint a large loss of energy, they can then repair it, or at least minimize the leakage and in turn make more money. Basic science really."
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