GHGSat Unveils New
Satellite Imagery

This image was taken in In August 2018, by GHGSat’s
demonstration satellite Claire, over two years after her launch in June 2016. GHGSat detected emissions of 
methane, an important greenhouse gas, from an oil & gas facility in the Permian Basin.

Claire captures an array of over 200,000 atmospheric measurements around an industrial facility in a few seconds. These measurements are processed to produce imagery showing a “heat map” of greenhouse gas concentrations from the facility.

GHGSat is committed to making more sample data available for evaluation by qualified parties. For more details, please email

Permian Basin Methane Leak

Patented Technology:
How it Works


GHGSat satellites measure any site in the world, within days. GHGSat aircraft sensors are dispatched to high-value areas, on demand.

Data Processing

GHGSat’s technology measures the absorption of light with very high resolution in spectral bands for gases of interest

Products & services

GHGSat delivers raw measurements of gas concentrations and value-added analyses of these measurements using proprietary algorithms

SWANApalooza 2019 • Hynes Convention Center • Boston, MA Sales Director Brody Wight will be attending #SWANApalooza2019 (February 25-28) to showcase how methane emissions from solid waste sites can be monitored from space using high-resolution, greenhouse gas detecting satellites. Email to connect with us during the event.
InvestmentSpace 2019 President of GHGSat, Stephane Germain, will be participating in the panel discussion "The changing Economics of Space" at the InvestmentSpace 2019 event in Toronto, this Friday, Feb 22.
Organized by the Canadian Space Agency | Agence spatiale canadienne, BDC, Creative...
It might be hard to tell but there are more than 30 swine farm lagoons in this one image taken over North Carolina!
According to EPA, when livestock and manure emissions are combined, the agriculture sector is the primary source...
GHGSat's Analytics Developer, David Gains, will be attending the United States Geospatial Intelligence Foundation (USGIF) event tomorrow in Virginia.
If you are attending, please drop by our table or email for more info on how to connect.
Dominion Energy pledges 50 percent cut in methane emissions Peter Drucker's said "If you can't measure it, you can't improve it". This also sums up GHGSat's mission very well. Our satellites are specifically designed to provide crucial information on methane emissions so action can be taken to fix leaks.
The Definitive Career for Entrepreneurial Space | Space Angels Thinking about a career in the space industry? This e-book from our friends at Space Angels is a must-read for anyone deciding between college majors, applying for internships, or even considering a career change. It features success stories from people...
#GHGSat is attending the EUEC 2019: USA's Largest Energy Utility Environment Conference & Expo. Come meet us at booth #558 to learn how emissions tracking satellites that monitor the entire value chain of energy production are both effective and affordable.
We had a fantastic experience at #Petrotech2019 meeting with Indian oil and gas companies to introduce them to our satellite solution to methane leak detection. Looking forward to continuing the many discussions started this week!
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