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GHGSat Product Summary - Q2 2016

The following are simulated examples of concentration maps from different sources.

GHGSat Concentration Maps - Q2 2016


GHGSat offers custom analysis, using GHGSat satellite imagery and other sources, on an exclusive basis to each customer, in much the same way as environmental consulting services are offered today. Examples:

  • Monitoring of targeted sites (e.g. natural gas leaks from pipelines)
  • Emission rate estimation, including inventory analysis emission rate of species, using single scene abundance dataset, for instantaneous measurements, or averaged over a full year.

Other products and value-added services are available from GHGSat on a case-by-case basis:

  • Augmented analysis of emissions, using additional data such as facility data provided by facility operators
  • Mosaics of commercial satellite imagery products
  • Trending analysis of emissions from individual sites, or grouped sites in a region, within the constraints imposed by data exclusivity arrangements within individual customers

Value Added Resellers

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