Manufacturing Underway for GHGSat-C1

Manufacturing of GHGSat’s next satellite, called “GHGSat-C1” has begun! GHGSat-C1 is one of two new satellites being developed as a follow-up to GHGSat-D (aka Claire), GHGSat’s demonstration satellite launched in June of 2016.

GHGSat-C1 will address lessons learned from GHGSat-D, providing significant performance improvements while also adding several new features that will be unveiled in separate announcements in the coming weeks. The external appearance of this new satellite will be almost identical to GHGSat-D (shown below).

GHGSat is working with the same industrial team to build GHGSat-C1, including the University of Toronto Institute for Aerospace Studies – Space Flight Laboratory, MPB Communications, and Xiphos Systems Corporation.