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Team Selfies!

Payload Selfie

Vincent Latendresse, optical engineer at MPB Communications, recently snapped a selfie next to the payload primary instrument aperture for GHGSat’s demonstration satellite, GHGSat-D.

The image above is taken looking into the primary instrument baffle, where the coating on the lens makes it look like a mirror at visible wavelengths. The secondary instrument aperture is partially visible in the top-left of the image.

Pre-flight testing is ongoing and will continue into the summer for all payload, satellite, and ground segment systems for GHGSat-D.

GHGSat-D Integrated for Testing

GHGSat-D - 02MAR2015

GHGSat’s demonstration satellite, GHGSat-D, has been successfully integrated for preliminary testing in anticipation of launch later this year. The satellite is shown on a clean room bench at the UTIAS Space Flight Laboratory.

In the picture above, the payload primary instrument baffle is clearly visible, protruding from the right side satellite. The payload secondary instrument aperture is not clearly visible, but is on the same face of the satellite as the primary instrument baffle. The aperture on the top of the satellite in this image is the star tracker. Overall satellite dimensions are approximately 45 cm x 30 cm x 20 cm, and satellite mass is under 15 kg.