Monthly Archives: January 2013

Measure gas emissions from any site in the world, remotely using a satellite

Accurate measurements of emissions can provide a competitive advantage to industry leaders tackling climate change issues. Accurate data enables proactive leaders to better quantify their regulatory risks, and opportunities, as carbon pricing mechanisms evolve around the world.

GHGSat will provide customers with near real-time emissions measurements of targeted greenhouses gases from industrial sites. We are building the first of a series of low-cost nanosatellites, each with a sensitive new instrument. Our innovative technology will enable us to offer measurement services at a fraction of the cost of comparable alternatives, thereby reducing  regulatory reporting costs for our customers.

The same technology will allow GHGSat to also measure emissions of air quality gases, such as sulphur dioxide, on future satellites. Many of our prospective customers manage both greenhouse gas and air quality gas emissions, and we plan to offer innovative services for both types of emissions.

GHGSat’s technology is the culmination of years of research and development with several national space agencies. GHGSat’s business model has been tested over the last year, and we have successfully signed-up major launch customers in oil & gas and power generation industries.

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