GHGSat Unveils
Satellite Imagery

In May 2017, GHGSat unveiled sample imagery from its demonstration satellite, Claire. GHGSat has detected emissions of methane, an important greenhouse gas, from a hydroelectric facility under construction in Africa. GHGSat is making sample imagery and data for this facility available for evaluation by qualified parties.

Claire captures an array of over 200,000 atmospheric measurements around an industrial facility in a few seconds. These measurements are processed to produce imagery showing a “heat map” of greenhouse gas concentrations from the facility.

Patented Technology:
How it Works


GHGSat satellites measure any site in the world, within days. GHGSat aircraft sensors are dispatched to high-value areas, on demand.

Data Processing

GHGSat’s technology measures the absorption of light with very high resolution in spectral bands for gases of interest

Products & services

GHGSat delivers raw measurements of gas concentrations and value-added analyses of these measurements using proprietary algorithms

We're excited to unveil our new website!Take a minute to visit us at and check out the new content, including case studies and updated information on our current and upcoming satellites!
Fly By Monday!
Today at 10:28 am local time (11:28 am EST), our satellite Claire will fly by the Jeffrey Power Plant near St-Marys, Kansas and attempt a measurement of its CO2 emissions. Jeffrey is the largest power plant in...
GHGSat's CEO and founder Stephane Germain will be a speaker at the Canadian SmallSat Symposium February 13-15 at the Westin Prince Hotel in Toronto.  Get your ticket now!

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